About me

Feeling confused or stuck? Unsure of how you feel about something?
Find new perspective and gain a new understanding with a Psychic Consultation session!
I’m here to listen!
Then, I offer to you highly personalized and detailed psychic guidance intended to help further your understanding
and provide you new clarity on a wide array of life situations!
Sessions are:
Practical – Empowering – Fun – Focused – Grounding
The goal of the session is to twist your perspective, offer fresh insight you hadn’t considered previously, and help you toward clarity and understanding.
Ultimately, my intended benefit to you is to help motivate you to make needed changes – empower yourself – become the best version of you.

My name is Pauleen and I am a Psychic Consultant and Mentor.   I’ve been practicing professionally since 2017 when I started my own Etsy shop for readings.

You can read all about me on my website at www.justpauleen.com

Why choose JustPauleen for your consultation needs?

I deliver a highly personalized consultation through the format of psychic reading.  Together, we filter through an array of questions on one’s mind, drill down the most important questions, gain clarity on them, and I intuitively and diplomatically deliver direction forward with actionable steps.  My aim is for you to leave the consultation feeling empowered, confident, motivated and excited to implement what you’ve uncovered.

All consultations are a promise of professionalism, confidentiality and clear communication.  It is also my intent that they be fun!  My services range from single question email Intuitive Readings  to in-depth consultations over the phone.

Interested in hearing what others have said about my readings?  Visit my reviews page on my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/justpauleen#reviews

My readings are intended to encourage and offer insight into your life, and to inspire you to look at things through a different viewpoint or to create a shift in thinking. A reading shows the feelings around you, your emotions and the situation.


*Legal Disclaimer:   Any guidance is NOT a substitute for professional advice from a licensed professional.  For legal or medical concerns seek the appropriate professionals in your area.   I will not be held accountable for any decisions or meanings you may take based on information discussed in readings, as these readings are, by law, for entertainment purposes only and should be taken as such.  No psychic reading can assess or predict anything with guaranteed certainty.  I do not read on medical, health, legal or world and political issues.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Insurance Plans: No Insurance accepted

Prescribe Medication: No

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Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types

I specialize in psychic guidance and energy healing.

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