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Like so many others, I have found myself at many career cross-roads and have switched careers to find what it was I could thrive at and enjoy. As a Certified Executive Coach through Columbia University, my passion is helping others reach their potential and achieve goals beyond their imagination. I want to help people solve problems that could be getting in the way of what they want. My love for teaching, coaching and working with others has always been a part of who I am, but only through self-reflection and the support and guidance of others in my life was I able to make it my career.

As a first-generation, South-Asian woman, I know it can be challenging to find support through someone who understands you and how your culture and family values play into your life. I want to help others like me who want and need to feel seen and understood.

I’m excited about working with people no matter where they are in their career journey, but my specialty is leadership. From those entering leadership to those in senior leadership roles. My exposure to different industries such as recruitment advertising, financial services, retail, and small businesses allows me to better assist my clients in their field of expertise, or help figure out how to break into a new one. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the companies and industries I’ve worked in, my life experiences, and the success stories of others and use that in my coaching to offer the best to my clients.

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