About me

Founder of Her Shakti, your health coach (INHC) and an aspiring goddess.

I help overwhelmed women overcome their food fears & cravings, while making them fall in love with their beautiful energetic bodies.

I am passionate about supporting women of immigrant origins who are breaking the glass ceiling in their respective fields. Because while they are busy shattering norms, their bodies are taking a beating and their wellness is taking a backseat. My vision is for these women to soar as healthy goddesses, while they conquer the world.

I do this by helping them integrate their grandma’s wisdom and clean foods into their diets, while also developing radical self-love practices, so that they are eating joyfully, moving energetically and feeling nourished inside-out.

I created Her Shakti to unite expat, immigrant and first generation women all over the world online, who are looking for health coaching, support and inspiration as they discover the lifestyle blend that works uniquely for them. Her Shakti’s goal is to provide a safe space that these women can turn to, in order to share their struggles and begin their healing journey with a community of support.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Older Adults
Session Types

My areas of focus are:

  • Losing weight mindfully
  • Eating more whole foods (think whole grains and plants)
  • Deconstructing cravings
  • Making sustainable behavioral changes
  • Improving gut health
  • Increasing mindfulness when eating and cooking
  • Incorporating nourishing movement into our lives.
  • Infertility, pelvic floor health, PCOS (when applicable)

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