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SANIKA BHURKE lives in San Francisco, California. She specializes in Indian Immigrant Experience in the United States of America.

Sanika is a certified life coach who has completed 216 hours in person training and graduated from International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Training Program (ACTP) aligned with the ICF’s Core Competencies. She is trained in 290 ontological (context based approach) tools and distinctions to use with individuals, groups or organizational clients to create deep, sustainable shifts. Sanika has worked with diverse clients across geography, culture, gender, profession, and languages in individual and group setting and personally experienced a deep, powerful and positive impact on her own and her client’s lives through coaching. She understands the transformational impact of coaching on people’s life experiences.

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Sanika serves on the Executive Board of the ICF San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (SFBAC) leading and serving 800+ member coaches in the geography. She is committed to and embodies the highest standards, ethics, guidelines, code of conduct and professionalism of the coaching industry.

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Sanika grew up in Thane (a city close to Mumbai, India) and has experienced her life in the United States as an Ambitious, Single, Indian Immigrant, Working Woman. Her life coaching journey is a gift to her younger self and her future self who is creating her own path on her journey to self-love, making the good life even better! Sanika knew early on she had a strong calling to coaching, spirituality and being an advocate for mental health. On this path, she got certified as a life coach, is learning Ayurveda and is constantly curious about the magic of the Universe!

Sanika enjoys her career in the San Francisco tech industry in the field of cyber security and is grateful for the abundant opportunities and community she has access to. She holds a Masters degree in Information Systems from Indiana University Bloomington – Kelley School of Business. She enjoys her wellbeing work for herself and her community, reading, journaling, watching movies, eating good food and connecting with family and friends and nature.

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I look forward to connecting with you, learning about your story and having you feel seen and heard in your life experiences. We will work on navigating your journey, owning your story, taking back your power, seeing the gifts in your experiences and growth in your challenges. Our work will be transformational so you can have choice and possibility in your life!

Email me at lifecoachsanika@gmail.com or Schedule a time on my Calendly

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Indian Immigrant Experience in the United States of America

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